Christ, who now lives in the glory of the Father acts in our world through the Sacraments which are signs of the continuing presence of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in our world. Through the Sacraments we celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ, his Death and Resurrection. The Risen Lord by giving the Holy Spirit has entrusted to his church the work of bringing all creation into the Kingdom of the Father. The Sacraments touch the deepest dramas of our journey in life from birth to death; growing up, falling in love, coping with suffering and failure and searching for meaning in life. The whole life of the Church revolves around the Eucharist Sacrifice and the Sacraments. In these we remember and celebrate the words and actions of Jesus, his life, death and Resurrection.


Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life; it is the door to life in the Spirit and gives access to all the other Sacraments. It marks the beginning of the Christian’s journey of faith and his/her welcome into the Christian community. Through Baptism, the believer is made a member of Christ and of the Church, is freed from sin and is called to share in the Church’s mission to proclaim the Good News. In Baptism God binds himself to us in an eternal relationship. Our lives are now hidden in the Risen Christ. We will know and understand ourselves only in knowing Jesus.

The celebration of Baptism is an occasion of great joy in your family. You celebrate and welcome the gift of new life. Grateful for the gift of new life couples will wish to share their own faith with their child. In requesting Baptism you are saying that you wish to take responsibility to share your faith with your child, through teaching your child to pray and introducing your child to Jesus through the liturgical life of the church and the faith of the worshipping community which is centered on the celebration of the Eucharist. At Baptism you speak on your child’s behalf, renouncing sin and the darkness of the world and committing your child to Christ the light of the world.  Baptism is an opportunity to reflect on what you your own faith means to you.

Our Parish’s procedure for Baptism

  • Baptism generally takes place in our parish on the second Saturday of each month (except in July/August)
  • Please contact the Parish Office to discuss details of your request for Baptism and to get a copy of the parish baptismal brochure.
  • Your will be invited to provide a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate to the Parish office and complete a Form requesting Baptism.
  • The choice of Godparents is important.

A Godparent should be at least 16 years old, be baptized, confirmed and have received First Communion.

A Godparent should be someone who is seeking to live a life of faith and understands the role they are undertaking.

Although only one Godparent is required, traditionally parents choose a Godmother and a Godfather. (note: As per Canon Law the name of only one Godmother and one Godfather is recorded) .

  • A donation is welcome (when a family can afford it) which can be made on the day of the Baptism.


We wish you every blessing and happiness and congratulate you on your decision to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage. Your decision to marry in Church is a public statement of your faith in Jesus Christ. In celebrating the Sacrament you are inviting Jesus to be at the heart of your new family. You are asking him to bless your future and enrich your love for each other by taking you into that Mystery which is his love.

Couples enquiring about Marriage should contact the parish office about details of getting married in Corpus Christi Church.

  • You will need to complete and sign the “Form for Provisional Booking of the Church of Corpus Christi. Bookings remain provisional until church and civil requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Church Canon Law requires you to contact the priest of the parish where you reside not later than three months before the wedding to complete the “Prenuptial Enquiry Form.”
  • Civil Law requires that you make an appointment to meet the Civil Registrar to complete the civil requirements. You need to give the Registrar at least three months notice (six months is recommended). The Registrar will provide the couple with the Marriage Registration Form (MRF) which is a legal requirement for the ceremony. The MRF form must be presented to the Priest/Solemniser before the wedding, so that he can check that the details are correct.
  • Couples who are not resident in the parish are required to have their own priest to officiate at the ceremony. He must be on the list of approved Solemnisers.
  • The Music chosen for the celebration is to add a prayerful and Christian atmosphere to the ceremony. Only Christian music is permitted in church. The wedding reception offers opportunity to provide other forms of music.

Pre-Marriage Preparation course: experience has shown that couples who undertake some form of pre-marriage preparation course are better prepared for their future life together. (courses are provided by Accord but need to be booked well in advance at, offers helpful resources for planning your wedding ceremony.